What is Sexy?


This is a little piece I did to vent about Deviantart.  Are we noticing a pattern...?

Yes.  I am an asshole.  XD

Y'know, I used to feel guilty for drawing "fantasy" women, but after some of the crap that I've seen on DA I don't feel quite so bad anymore.  I don't know if the internet is to blame or if it just brought these people together, but a I've seen a ton of weird fetishes out there.  But that's fine, everyone has the right to like what they like.  I know that drawing drawing well-endowed women up as Transformers can be a fetish.  But my problem is when people start expecting me to play along, and that's where my self-righteous streak starts going nuts.

This is dedicated to just a few of the wacky, head-scratching fetishes that have crossed my desk.  Not only do some of them utterly confuse me, but even morso is why people would think I would draw this shit for them?

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go back under my bed and hide.

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