Amazing Spider-man #194


It's no secret that I have a thing for Felicia Hardy, and because of that I have like four copies of her first appearance in Spidey 194.  I've been meaning to draw my take on Al Milgrom's cover for a while, and picking up a very nice copy of the comic recently got me in gear to finally do just that.  :3

I changed the poses up a little bit as well as made the figures larger on the page since I wanted this to be an homage and not plagiarism (you can see this in the pencils where Spider-man went through quite a few changes).  I also changed Black Cat's mask to show her eyes and changed her expression up for a more mischievious flair.  I still need to practice drawing Spider-man here, but the problems aren't quite so apparent here.  XD

The coolest part by far here was replicating the actual comic graphics and text.  I tried not to update the fonts and such too much, because I still wanted that bright retro charm that I sometimes miss so much.  ^_^

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