I'm Silas, and I'll be your artist this evening.  :3

Many of you might know me as Shibamura Prime from TFW2005 or Deviantart.  I'm also the trouble-making Transformer half of My Little Transformer.  I used to be pretty active on DA until I got worn out by all the drama and hubbaballoo, so I started my own site so I could just draw and post and not worry about anything else.  XD

Not much more to say other than that.  I'm an amateur fanboy artist that just draws what I like.  I heart Transformers big time, other than that my tastes are always changing.  Just check my art to see what I like.  It's a pretty good gauge.

I hope you get a kick out of my scribbles and hope to see you around!  ^_^

Chelsea actually started as sort of a joke.  I used to work at a KB Toys and bought a Barbie My Scene doll because I thought she was kinda hot.  Friends started asking who she was and I started calling her my muse, blaming art and toy purchases on her "telling me what to do."

The joke caught on and soon all of my friends were talking to this doll like she was real, adding to her personality.  XD

So in short Chelsea is my muse.  In exchange for inspiration, I feed her cookies until she gets bored with me and falls asleep.  Freaky, huh? ^_~

You can follow Chelsea on Twitter @chelsea_hepburn (oh God why would you?!)

.: Links

Here're links to some of my friends and partners-in-crime.  Check them out if you have the chance.  They're way more talented than I am.  :3

If you'd like to link to me, here are some banners I whipped up.  ^_^

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