Doodle Dump


Every so often I toss up some sketches that are above the average doodle fare, or are just plain wacky.  Here's a little of both.  XD  Usually when I just doodle I'm not thinking it'll end up being a finished piece so I draw with like a ball point pen.  Every now and then I come up with something pretty cool but it would take a loooooooooooOOOOOOOT of work to get it cleaned up and colored.  I guess this might be a sign that I should start doodling with blue pencil, huh?  ^_^;

I felt like drawing Storm so there's a Storm.  Then I thought I'd draw a "Storm in a Teacup" so there's that too because I'm dumb.

The same night I found myself wanting to buy a GoGo Tomago doll online and doodled her instead to try and take my mind off of spending even more money.  Did that work?  Jury's still out... ^_~

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