"The Devil You Know"
Comic Cover


At long last I'm starting work on Prima's second comic outing, this time titled "The Devil You Know."  Megatronica will make her debut and will be featured prominently in the sequel (is that really a surprise to anyone? ^_~) and I wanted that to show on the cover here.

At first I was thinking the cover would featuring Optimus Prima and Megatronica facing off or duking it out, but I couldn't settle on a pose or situation I felt was "front page" material.  Then this idea popped into my head and I ran with it.  The background was a sort of happy accident when filling in the flats and I ran with the mistake, adding gridlines to emulate the Autobot and Decepticon boxart of old.  I love the expressions both gals are sporting and the colors came out much better than expected since I haven't really worked on either of them in quite some time.  ^_^

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