30 Years of Transformers:
Silas Style :)


This is how Silas celebrates 30 years of a transforming robot toy brand...with boobs.

Lots and lots of boobs.  :D

I've had this idea since last year and originally meant to work on it all through the year to spread the work out.  But if you look through my gallery, my style changes all the time.  Because of that I didn't want this looking like ten different people drew and colored it so I decided to draw it all at once...which is as tough as it sounds.  :O  I blew through this in about two and a half weeks, rolling through the first season of G1 as "reference" of course.  :3

This was a ton of work, and I think I might be cone drawing robot ladies for a while, but it was also a ton of fun.  A lot of the characters I thought would be a chore to draw, like Thundercracker, Huffer and Sludge, ended up being some of my favorites in this whole thing.  :D

Thanks for all of the memories, Hasbro.  And here's to many more years.  ^_^

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