"My Cuffs Were YOURS."


This moment in Wonder Woman #12 was one of the few moments that had me physically jump with fanboy glee while reading a comic book, and I've been meaning to draw something along these lines ever since.  :D

I would apologize for wandering into spoiler territory, but if you haven't read that issue at this point it's your own damn fault.

Originally this was going to be a part of a bigger New 52 Wonder Woman piece, but I didn't like how the other pic turned out.  I really liked how the sketch for this was going so I decided to give up on the first piece and finish this up by itself.  I tried doodling in the rest of her upper body but the initial pic of her head, shoulder and arm seemed to work a lot better.  "Keep it simple, stupid" right?  XD

In the comic her eyes glow completely white/blue, but I decided to kick the opacity down a notch so you could see her irises to lend to the ominous tone I was going for.  ^_^ 

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