Betrayal on Felucia


Aayla Secura is like Wonder Woman for me.  I like drawing her, but never really can get her right.  So when this idea popped into my head while watching Revenge of the Sith again I thought it a good chance to get some practice in.  That and I wanted to draw a pic of her that didn't involve her topless with her tits waving around in the breeze (do a Deviantart search for her and tell me it ain't the truth).

The title is actually borrowed from a Target exclusive action figure set from a while back.  I know the Jedi all have to die for the story to move forward, but they didn't all have to go out like punks.  At least get a few licks in before the show's over.  XD

Anyhoo, that's pretty much what spawned what you see here.  I went back-and-forth with little details in the pencil stage, more than I usually do.  Scanning actually helps with perspective with bigger pieces like this.  The sketch was done on an 11"x17" board, so stepping back and seeing the whole picture isn't something easily done.  When looking at the sketch on the computer, it's easier to look at the entire composition and fix pose errors and such.  If you compare the pencils as opposed to the inks, I did just that.  Namely with Aayla's pose.

I feel that inking is my weakest point and that I tend to drop the ball, and this was no exception.  After scanning the inks, I felt like I completely screwed up Aayla's face and ironically pulled a George Lucas move to fix it.  I quickly sketched and inked a new face and grafted it in via Photoshop (I left the inks here unaltered so you can see the difference between that and the final colored piece here).

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