The title of this pic can be taken one of two ways.  If you've seen Your lie in April then you know what part I'm talking about.  It could also be bitching about me drawing Kaori yet again.  It's up to you.  :D

Obviously this started as my doodling Kaori in her performance dress.  The bigger image came first and the smaller one soonafter when I was trying to decide how I wanted her holding her bow.  I ended up liking both so I thought I'd combine the two.  Because their poses are almost identical I decided to color them different so the piece didn't seem quite so much like you're looking at the same image just from two different distances.

I'm still trying to find my sweet spot with this blended coloring style business but it turned out not so bad here.  I hate inking violins (oh Kaori why couldn't you play the kazoo instead...?) but the violins here surprisingly turned out better than I expected.

And I love Kaori's pink shoes.  Just putting that out there.  :3

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