Full Metal WHAAAA?!


This was a belated birthday present for my buddy James.  She's helped me out a ton with art, and you'll see more than a few examples of that in my galleries here.  ^_^

Anyhoo, she's big into FMA Brotherhood (which I still haven't watched T_T) and <3's her some Alphonse.  I keep promising her Al art, but I don't draw guys all that well.  Even worse are my suits of armor, which puts me between a rock and a hard place.  But I really wanted to draw her something nice for her birthday and I finally figured out how to pull this off...BE CREEPY AND HOT AT THE SAME TIME!!!  XD

I mean, think about it.  In the show, Ed grafted Al's soul to a suit of armor because it was there and the best choice at the time.  But what if that suit of armor was for a chick? HILARITY ENSUES.

The segments of Al's armor design lent themselves pretty well to a female form.  The trick was actually getting it there.  I lenghthened the torso for starters and adjusted the chestplate to accomodate the bust.  The longer, poofier ponytail was a given as was the longer loincloth.  The helmet was the most fun, and the trickiest to do.  It's also where I took the most liberties.  I changed the "jaw" section to be more like lips, played with the forehead to accompany the goo-goo eyes and added sort of elf ears to make the sillouette more interesting.  That and james has a thing for elves.  :3

A special shout-out goes out to Cathy from GSTQ.  The nosebleed Ed at the bottom was her idea.  :D

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