More playing with a tablet.  Since I've already drawn a fancy Elsa, next up is Anna!  I actually really like drawing Anna but her outfit is a lot harder to ink compared to Elsa so that's why you don't see as much of the princess from me as the queen.  But with this new computer business that might change.  ^_~

With Anna I usually don't like to draw her just standing there looking pretty and try to play up her goofy side as much as I can.  As you can see by starting with the pencil stage onward her smile got crazier and crazier as time went on.  As stupid as it was, there was a throwaway "I love sandwiches!" line in a OUAT episode that I really liked so this idea come about.  (A shout-out to my buddy Megan who helped me decide whether or not to draw Anna with her hat.  These are the important decisions I face as an artist.  XD)

Like the Elsa pic I did before this I tried to play with textures more and more, especially with her outfit.  For the most part I think it worked out.  :3

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