Is that Anna with a pool noodle riding a Dinobot?

Yes.  That IS Anna with a pool noodle riding a Dinobot.

Fan art is fun.  :3

A buddy of mine was goofing around in her Anna cosplay so I really wanted to draw Anna swinging a pool noodle around.  Since I'm also digging the new movie Dinobot toys, "Slug" in particular, I had the idea of her charging around on him.  This pic went through a few drafts since I'm not good at drawing dinosaurs apparently.  Like at all.  I haven't really drawn them all that much, and never a complicated robot one.  My biggest challenge was figuring out how she would be sitting on Slug and how his legs would be posed in mid stride.  I ended up cheating anatomy A LOT but in the end it turned out almost exactly how I pictured the art in my stupid head.  :D

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