I'm allergic to peanuts and a peanut butter cookie disguised as a sugar cookie sent me on an ambulance ride due to the worst allergic reaction I've ever had.  I knew there was a comic in this adventure somewhere and I came up with this while on the emergency room bed.  :D

I ended up inking Anna in the Mr. Peanut style.  I especially like how smug he looks in the first frame.  That wasn't planned but I rolled with it since it seemed fitting.  I didn't know what he would be saying/singing in that frame and went to Google to find out if there was a Planters jingle and lo-and-behold there is one!

So I got to turn a scary adventure into a funny comic bit and got to draw crazy Anna beating the crap out of Mr. Peanut.  Not a bad trade off if I do say so myself.  ^___^

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