Aphrodite's Charms


Hot damn, I love drawing Aphrodite.  :3

I haven't drawn her in a while, and sometimes you just need to draw hella impossible curves and big goo-goo eyes just because.  I went a little naughtier than usual with this pic because...well... I'm a sad, pathetic guy okay?  XD

Originally this started as a sketch on her back.  While I draw I turn the paper whichever way to get better angles while drawing and I realized that the pic also worked as her standing.  So I ran the sketch by a few friends and all of them told me they liked the pose better on her feet.  One buddy said "I think I may be a *tiny* bit more partial to the standing one, if only because it looks like she's about to slide down the pillar or whatever and do something really slutty. XD" (her exact words, no joke.  I love my friends.  :3).  So I adjusted Aphrodite's hair and skirt to match the new pose.  ^_^

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