My Aphrodite


Okay.  So I'm a perv.  Gimme a break.  XD

Greek mythology was never my best subject, but I obviously had a thing for the goddess of love.  After watching Clash of the Titans (the Harryhausen one, DUH) and Disney's Hercules (of which her color scheme here is loosely based) I thought I'd draw my own version of Aphrodite.

Drawing Aphrodite here is a guilty pleasure, moreso than Optimus Prima or Chelsea, because I can just cut loose and just stack on the sex appeal (to answer your question, "No." She's not wearing underwear).  A simple outfit with very little trimming lets me show off curves and attributes I normally wouldn't be able to.  Lingerie is surprisingly tricky to draw, and I guess I could just draw a bunch of nekkid chicks... but where's the fun in that?  ^_~

Even with its problems and it being as far back as it is, I still look back and like what I see (and not just the T&A).  The pose and motion of the skirt and hair work, and I still dig her stilletto sandals.  Even the lineart still isn't half bad, and would only benefit from some colored inks in place of the blacks used here.

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