Aphrodite Redux


I love drawing "my" Aphrodite, for obvious reasons.  I get to cut lose with some crazy cheesecake and I don't really need to have an excuse. This piece is totally shameless, and I'm proud of it.  That and it turned out damn good.  I did some redesigning here, first with her outfit.  I made her robe super sexy, and super unrealistic.  Olympian goddesses don't care about physics, so don't give me no shit about it.  XD

I also went crazy with the hair.  I went INSANE with the hair.  It took me over two hours just to color the hair.  I went through about half a dozen different styles before settling on this one, using Google searches like "wavy hairstyles" and "curly hairstyles."  In the end the best search wound up being one for prom hairstyles.

I don't know if I'll stick to this particular design for Aphrodite from now on, but there are things I like.  I like the complicated robes and the fancy hair, though I'll probably fool with the little details next time around.  I might also play with her skintone some more.  It's good, but not great.  I played around with different tones for about an hour before I just gave up and thought "Fuck it, I'll just start from scratch next time."  ^_^

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