Royal or Rebel?


I'm gonna start out by saying that this turned out REEEAAALLYYY good.  :O

The gimmick Ever After High flaunts is "Royal or Rebel?"  Honestly, I still haven't decided (yeah, I know.  I'm thinking way too much into this whole thing XD).  I drew up a quick Raven Queen a few days ago and this is me taking the time to draw a much better one.  Apple White was just as much a guilty pleasure, if her crazy hair didn't tip you off already.  ^_~

On the dolls and in the cartoon it looks like all of the face shapes are about the same, but here I put a couple more angles on Raven's face and raised her cheekbones a bit to differentiate her head from Apple.  I really like the scale/sparkle pattern on Raven's dress but had no idea how do draw and color that in my first fanart of her.  Here I cheated a bit and did the effect in the colors by just paint brushing some different shades of purple and played with the opacity.  Since I drew these seperately I had to play with putting the piece together in Photoshop, but it gave me the chance to play around and I ended up tangling their hair up a bit so it at least looks like I drew these as one piece.  XD

I kept the shading style pretty simple since their colors are really vibrant by themselves, so making the art pop wasn't hard to do.  I also went nuts with the sparkles.  Because sparkles are awesome.  :D 

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