April O'Neil


April's pretty awesome and doesn't get enough fan art love in my opinion.  And after revisiting the old TMNT show, I've also realized that she was pretty hot.  I think her animated proportions had a subconcious effect on how I draw women today.  XD

When I was working on this I remembered that I had started an April sketch a few months ago and had forgotten about it.  I'm glad I did now, because this piece is much better in my opinion.  I've attached my previous attempts below so you can see what I mean, one from a few months ago and one from waaayyy back in 2007.  ^_^;

This piece isn't perfect, but I do like how the colors and her pose turned out.  Regardless of the problems, April is always fun to draw.  Her jumpsuit has a lot of cool lines and seams so it keeps me busy and I really like the way she looks in heels.  And yeah, the cleavage was necessary.  Her girls needed some air.  :3


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