Arcee, My Way


I think every Transformer artist is required by law to draw Arcee at least once.  I've drawn her before, of course, but never came out with a piece that I liked until this one.  I decided to put my own spin on her.  First I "unrolled" her Princess Leia buns into long hair.  But more importantly I gave her some more "organic" curves to add that BA-DUNK-DUNK factor.  The lines ended up being very clean without much cleanup, and the colors ended being equally kind.  I added some blue to her color scheme to break up the solid pink motif she usually has going and I think it worked out well.  The pipes on her arm are actually part of her car mode exhaust.  I actually figured out a rough transformation sequence for my take on Arcee.  Maybe I'll get around to drawing it out one day.  Maybe... ^_^

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