Transformers Prime


Here's an example of Silas not being able to leave well enough alone.  XD

I'm no stranger to going back to "finished" art and retweaking it a bit.  Fixing a line here, adjusting colors there.  Hello, my name is George Lucas.  How are you today?  ^_~

I've always liked this piece, but the faces always bugged me, even almost a year (YIKES!) after the fact.  I had a really hard time finding my groove in the show's unique style and I think it really showed in the end.  The other day I was doodling and found that Arcee looked a lot better if I just went with my own way of drawing faces.  After about an hour in Photoshop I wound up with final art that I'm much happier with.  I've kept the original piece and comments below for posterity's sake.  :3


As of posting this, only the first two episodes of "Transformers Prime" have aired.  I'm not completely sold yet, but Arcee being the token lady bot I knew I had to draw her eventually.  Her design is pretty neat, she actually has character development so far AND she's not completely OMG PINK!  XD

At first I was going to try to draw her in my own style, but ended up trying to emulate the CG details as best I could.  I was about to scrap the piece because I didn't want to make a carbon copy, but it was turning out okay.  That and I figured I should get a feeling for drawing the original model before making changes of my own.  I ended up spending a lot longer than I usually do on the pencils, about an hour.  I wasn't happy because the pic wasn't looking exactly like the reference stuff I was using but then I decided to let it slide since the pose was working.  But after the inks and splashing colors on it I saw that I was closer than I thought during the pencils, so I feel a little vindicated.  But just a little.  ^_~

It's not perfect, but something built in the computer for a 3D environment is a hard act to follow-up with a pencil and pen (especially for me).  But I think this piece still stands okay on its own.


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