My buddy Molly got me this swanky Little Mermaid (with my name embroidered on it, no less) for Christmas and It got me wanting to draw my favorite Disney princess again.  <3

I've tried drawing a "sexy" Ariel now and then with varying results, but I think I've finally nailed it.  I started with a pose playing with her hair, and knew I wanted a "Dinglehopper" involved somehow.  Penciling and inking this was tough thanks to her crazy locks, and I left my inks as-is here to show off all of the little notes I had to leave myself so I would know what was what.  XD

I also left her fins and waistband-thingy blank.  Usually they're drawn with lines segmenting the fins, but I thought I'd keep it simple and shiny to better show off her hair.  As for the rest of the figure, I gave Ariel some major curves and made sure her pose showed them off well.  Originally I had her left hand hidden in her hair because I was too lazy to draw it in, but I decided to show her hair weaving through her fingers to turn up the heat here.  I threw in an enhanced bust, some simple "water" effects and a siren's gaze and Ariel was ready to go.  ^_^

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