Armored Batgirl


The first New 52 Batgirl had some swanky threads and I've been meaning to draw her for a while.  The crazy armor detail is the main reason why I wanted to try my hand at this version of Barbara and it's also the reason I've waited so long.  I've always liked the idea of Babs rocking some badass armor too and I've heard we'll see just that in Arkham Knight.  I don't have any good references of that outfit yet so I went with this version for now.  :D

I'm still not good at coloring black details and her armor makes it even tricker.  Here I pushed the armor idea even farther so I could use the detail in my favor.  Even though it's more of a gray than it is black it still turned out pretty good.  This took some hella time but also was hella fun.  :3

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