She's Back


This lady showed up when I was just drawing for the sake of drawing and has showed up in quite a few pieces since then, including this one.  Like before, I just felt like drawing a pretty lady in a bikini.  I don't do many "back" images, so I thought I'd try that out here and it turned out not too bad at all.  Her legs are a little short, but they work.  And I have to say, I really REALLY like the shoes I ended up drawing on her.  The images of her before this didn't show her feet, so I wanted to make the reveal a little epic.  :3  

I do remember the arms giving me a little bit of a hard time.  I knew I wanted one outstretched holding a martini glass, but didn't quite know what I wanted the other one to be doing.  I honestly don't remember if I figured it out on my own or if I asked a friend for ideas.  If it was the latter, thanks.  Whoever you were.  ^_^

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