Over the weekend I was helping a buddy with some coloring stuff and I put on some old anime as background noise as I worked.  When I started Ah! My Goddess I honestly watched more than I worked so I started drawing this pic of Belldandy in her movie battle dress.  I obviously still struggle with anime stuff, but the colors here make up for those shortcomings I think.  I spent waaaayyyyYYYYYYYYY more time coloring her hair than I probably should have.  XD

This took a lot longer to ink and color than I originally thought, but it was also a ton of fun.  Especially since I don't think I've really thought of AMG stuff much less drawn any of it since college.  This was a surprisingly involved piece and it was neat trying to figure out how best to do things, like inking her hair and how I should color her pinstriping.  And here I thought I was getting off easy drawing her Battle Dress instead of her big poofy dress.  ^_~

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