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According to some assholes on Deviantart one of my Kaori pieces is shit because I drew her holding her bow wrong or something.

I know what you're thinking, "Silas, why the fuck were you reading comments on Deviantart?"  Yeah, that was my first mistake.  I swore off being active on DA because the community is full of turbonerds and shitheads now but there I was, reading comments for whatever fucking reason.  I thought I had thicker skin than that but for whatever reason I let it get to me and actually had me depressed for a while.  It got to the point where I didn't want to draw anything, Kaori or otherwise (but especially Kaori).

But then I started drawing this and almost instantly started feeling better.

Her hands are kinda jacked but whatever, this was a ton of fun.  All of it was fun, even the stupid inks.  I love how her dress turned out.  I love how her violin turned out.  I love how her hair turned out.  I love how her "Fuck off I'm fucking done" expression turned out.

I think all artists let stupid shit get to us.  It's gonna happen, so channel that shit.  I ended up drawing one of the best Kaoris I've done yet and it was super cathartic to boot.

So how's her bow hand now, asshats?

Still inaccurate?




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