Black Cat 2099


Marvel released images not too long ago of the 2099 Black Cat (from the upcoming Spider-man Edge of Time videogame).  When I first heard about it, I thought "futuristic Felicia?  KICK ASS!"  But then I looked up the pics and... yeah, not so much.

So in typical Silas fashion, I decided to take a stab at this design myself.  Now, it's been a while since I've read any 2099 comics so I went purely on visual cues here.  I went with more of a classic homage with my Black Cat costume here than with the 2099 Spidey, keeping the fur on her forearms, legs and collar pretty much the same.  I thought that the 2099 era Black Cat would kind of emulate Spider-man's costume so I gave her the same kind of "tech" patterns down the sides of her costume.  Originally I had them colored teal to match her eyes but I didn't like the look in the end since I thought it was a little bland.  I tried some other color combinations out and stumbled on a shade of pink by happy accident.  I liked the contrast and thought it matched the neon lights found in the future universe.  I also thought it emulated the magenta on 2099 Spider-man even more, but without blatantly ripping it off.  ^_^

I went a little crazier than usual with the digital effects, giving her a more subtle reflection on her body suit.  I also added some armor textures since I thought the suit textures they gave Spidey in the game were pretty sweet.  I even went so far as to animate a rough "power-up" for the Black Cat like they do in the game, and you'll find that here:

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