The Black Widow


To be completely honest, I'm not a Black Widow fan.  I don't hate Natasha, but I don't really like her either.   I guess I'm pretty neutral on the subject.  So why draw her?  Because I saw one of her action figures at Toys R Us and bought it because I thought it looked pretty hot.  XD

Anyways, I thought I'd draw a piece of fan art while I was at it against my better judgment (it's those damn black outfits again).  I'm really surprised that no one has asked me to draw her before, but I guess my abundance of Black Cat art fills the leather bodysuit quota and then some, eh? ^_~

I doodled around a bit until I cam up with this pose and stuck with it.  The foreshortening on her right arm could have been better, but it's the only real beef I have with the lineart.  Because of it, I added her "Widow's Bite" in attempts to cover that up a bit.  The colors came together rather nicely, especially her belt.  I made that a bit bigger than I've seen it drawn to throw in an interesting contrast on the lower half of the costume.  Speaking of costumes, her scared the shit out of me after inking it so I went with a more minimal approach in terms of shading it.  I filled the bulk out the costume with a near-flat black and put some highlights near the edges.  I then threw in more blurred highlights in the middle for a sort of "leather-y" look.  I dig the blue metallic highlights on the figure, so I used a blue base on my art to match.  It turned out pretty badass for such a simplistic (and lazy) attempt.  :3

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