Blizzard Strike Force


"The cold never bothered us anyway."

So there's a new Robots In Disguise figure named "Blizzard Strike Optimus Prime" and he's (obviously) decoed in shades of blue.  I, of course, see this as official confirmation that Disney and Transformers characters are hanging out together since Hasbro got the Disney license.

I was able to pick up said Blizzard Strike Prime at BotCon and this idea popped into my head, for better or worse.  At first it was just gonna be Elsa and Prime but one of the Hasbro guys suggested Marshmallow too.  :D

Usually with mult-character pics like this I'll clean up the pencil and ink stages but I thought I'd leave them be this time around.  One reason is that I'm lazy.  And the other reason is that working with layers really is magical and this is one of the reasons why.  :3

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