G1 Bumblebabe
BotCon 2012 Print


Here's my print done exclusively for BotCon 2012!  The great Dan Gilvezan, voice of the Original Bumblebee and Spider-man in (my personal favorite) Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends was in attendance so I couldn't resist making a new print for him to sign!

I've done something like this before
, but I thought I'd tweak the design a bit and crank it up a notch.  I kept the pigtails while making her hair more bouncy and playful and threw in some cute little hair bands.  I also changed up her shoulder design to better match her silouette.

The colors on this turned out really nice and the prints ended up even better.  Dan and his missus seemed to get a real kick out of it and this ended up selling out at the show so I guess I did something right!  :D

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