Optimus Prima
Burlesque Costume


Some costume company (I don't really know which one) came out with some "Sexy" Transformers costumes a little while ago.

Of course, drawing what I draw I was asked if I had anything to do with these.  Other folks asked what I thought
(one person actually asked if I was seeking legal action).  XD

The answer is "No," I'm not crazy about them.  All of these "Sexy" costumes are the same uniform cut so they can print
whatever pattern they want.  My problem is that it's not all that sexy of a cut, and that the outfit is going through some sort
of identity crisis.  Is she a cheerleader?  A maid?  A cocktail dress?  So I thought I'd give my own shot at it, going with a burlesque
theme.  The outfit gave me a lot to play with, including the long train skirt, cane and the top hat.  The ruffles are fun too.

I don't design these things for a living or anything, but I have to say I like the way my version turned out.  :3

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