Ol' Canuckle Head


I was still on a Wolverine high after finishing this quick Wolverine doodle so I started sketching out this pic.  I was gonna see Logan that night so I let it sit as pencils so I could use my post-movie fanboying to fuel the inks and colors.  Alas I wasn't crazy about the movie at all so this wasn't to be.  :(

I liked the sketch but in my self-induced slump couldn't muster the oomph to finish it.  Some friends talked me into finishing it anyways so I gave into peer pressure and did just that.  :D
I'm glad I did because it was pretty fun.  Like I've said before I've never really drawn Wolverine well before but I think I'm getting the hang of it.  Him being really short and stocky lets me play around with proportions.  And his bright primary color scheme help out too.

Yeah, that's Pabst he's holding.  I thought Logan would have terrible taste in beer.  XD

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