Captain Arendelle


Or "Captain Annamerica."  I haven't made up my mind.  XD

This silly thought popped into my head as I was finishing the latest X-Elsa pic.  I was thinking of drawing a dynamic duo-esque superhero princess piece and first thought of teaming Elsa up with my Snow White doodle but then I thought that she obviously team up with Anna.  But who to base Anna's outfit off of?  Then I remembered liking Cap's Age of Ultron outfit lots and lots and it all started to click.

When I was working on this I couldn't decide which color scheme to mainly go with, Captain America's or Anna's?  I thought the latter would be too busy but after I finished most of the highlights it didn't seem so bad.  All of the crazy tech panels on Cap's movie suit sort of worked in my favor when adapting them to Anna's outfit, though I think a second pass at this design could help tighten things up a bit.  Also I put the shield on her back since I haven't quite decided what that's gonna look like yet... ^_^;

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