A Prime
and a Marvel

(Updated 2018.06.18)

Going through my comic backlog I fell in love with Captain Marvel all over again thanks to her post-Secret Wars series.  (I never actually fell out of love with the comic, I've just been lazy and let my read pile stack up until last weekend  ^_^;)

Because of this I used my rebooted mojo to finally draw this team-up, which works really well since their colors are practically the same among other reasons.  This piece clicked right off the bat and I wish I could take credit for it but I can't.  It just went really well, especially the colors.  I guess I just got lucky on this one.  :O

It was hard not to draw Carol's hair like Elsa's and you can catch some similarities that slipped in.  XD  I don't think I've drawn a fauxhawk like this before and I had a little trouble finding the right hairline.

A shout-out to my fwand Jawsh for hooking me up with an Autobot symbol file when I realized I misplaced mine.  :3

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***
I wanted to have a Marvel/Transformers crossover print for con season this year and thought I'd touch up this one.  But after looking at it I was like "NOPE.  YOU NEED WORK."  :O

I had a feeling it held up but two years is a lot of time and my feeling was wrong.  I got away with fixing the existing Optimus Prime art but Carol needed a complete overhaul.  Before I had the problem making Captain Marvel "pop" with Prime behind her since they have similar color schemes so this time I went the cheap way out and threw some a cosmic power aura around her.  :3

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