Ms. Marvel
by Vera Wang


This idea came to me while I was surfing around for something completely different and found a Vera Wang dress that caught my eye.  For the record, "yes" I'm a guy and I know who Vera Wang is.  XD

So this image popped into my head of a Ms. Marvel-inspired evening gown, so I started sketching up ideas.  Because she's the guru of all things clothing, I hit up my friend Cathy of God Save the Queen for fashion advice.  Originally I had the gold piping on both ends of the satin design criss-crossing her torso, but Cathy pointed out that it would be overkill and in cases like this "less is more."  I ended up keeping that design, but limited the piping to just one end of the satin.  I think it works in being subtle yet still keeping Ms. Marvel's lightning bolt motif.  For both the gold trim and the red sash I kept the colors pretty dark and muted so they wouldn't stand out so much from the black of the dress.

Also per Cathy's advice, I kept her hair backswept to show off her shoulders.  This was surprisingly fun to put together and I may come back to ideas like this later down the road.  ^_^

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