Princess Celestia


I had the hankering to draw Princess Celestia the other day so I whipped up a doodle during my lunch break.  The said doodle turned out to be a pretty darn good sketch so I finished it up.  ^_^

It turned out pretty good, but I know what I'll do differently the next time out.  The hair turned out nice, though next time I'll try to draw it more like water and without all of the segments.  I also realized that I forgot to draw all of the little curly-Qs on her tiara and chestplate.  I had a tough time deciding how to color the white on her body.  At first I thought about giving it a shiny pearl texture but that ended up being TOO shiny, especially give the almost metallic hair I have going on here.  I dumbed it down a bit to what you see here and made sure that the contrasts weren't too stark so she still looks like a magical, pretty pretty unicorn.  XD

Special shout out to my bro-sis-ta-fina Tracy for putting a second pair of eyes on this.  :3

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