There are like four people I can think of that will know what this is from.  XD


... ...

... ... ...

Now that I've given you that buffer to figure it out (or to Google it) this is a costume from the Magic Kingdom Festival of Fantasy parade.  I finally got to see the parade this past December and the ChaCha costumes were by far my favorite.  A special shout-out goes to my buddy Josh and his brother Abe for hooking me up with reference pictures.  They helped a lot more than my crappy phone pics.  XD

Anyhoo I worked on this piece on and off for about a month (I started on it almost immediately after coming home from Disney World).  There's very little about this that isn't complicated so I didn't want to rush it and end up screwing something up.  I think I spent at least a week on the hair alone.  :O

I wish I had done something more elaborate for the background.  But I'm just not that good... XDDD

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