Cheer Up,


I watched the first episode of Combiner Wars today and HOLY CRAP IS IT BAD.  The writing is like a bad fanfic and the animation is terrible.  I like the character models but then they start to move and talk and I end up wanting to throw things at the screen.  I hope it gets better but I dunnoooooooo...

Anyhoo, one of the things that stood out the most for me is how pissy Windblade is.  It always seems lazy to me when characters, especially female characters, are written all emo and shit because it's so EDGY AND MATURE TO BE ANGRY RIGHT???

So I'm trying to start a movement.  Give Windblade a puppy.  Sit Windblade down and watch some Powerpuff Girls.  Buy Windblade a pizza.  Because Windblade needs to cheer the hell up.

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