Civil War


I've had this idea in my head for a while now and finally had the time to sit down and actually draw it.  Big shout-out to Mary, Katie, Josh and Tracy for letting me bounce ideas off of them.  :3

Technically I should have drawn Elsa in Captain America's Civil War outfit but I love the Age of Ultron uniform so much better and this is obviously me being a dumb fanboy so NYAH.  I was scratching my head on whether Ariel or Pocahontas should be in the Iron Man armor for a while.  Pocahontas's hair would have contrasted the red armor better but it was suggested that Ariel's mermaid silhouette would be more visually interesting and I think it was a good call.

As you can tell from the pencil stage I had the idea of including a Pocahontas inset as Black Widow but after mulling it over internally and externally I thought it made the pic too busy and killed the punchline.

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