Two Cool Cats

(Updated 2017.06.01)

I think Elsa would totally drive Jazz around Arendelle, don't you?  :3

I like shamelessly pairing up Disney with Transformers and this dynamic duo was the first idea that popped into my head when thinking of drawing some Frozen fanboyisms.  I went through a couple pose ideas until I landed on this one, and kind of "we're too cool for this" diddy.  ^_^

The way I drew and colored Elsa's corset actually came from the Little Golden Book art, where the artist rendered it like a collage of different colored panels.  Her skirt is a lot more flared and fluffy than it is in the movie and I don't care.  It's more fun to draw and shoes off her epic shoes more.  :D

*** Update ***

I thought this one was kinda timeless.  I was right and wrong.  Jazz is pretty much how I still draw Transformers but Elsa needs some work.  Her figure and pose are still okay.  It's her face and colors that needed some sprucing-up.  Revisions took longer than I thought, the better part of a night.  Like I said, on a whole the piece isn't bad.  It's elements like her face that make me go "What the heck was I thinking back then???"  XDDD

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