The Corpse Bride


I was watching Corpse Bride the other night while going through some Halloween movies.  I didn't really like the flick when I first saw it years ago, but watching it now it grew on me a little more.  I've drawn Emily before and thought since I was revisiting the movie that I'd try my hand at doodling her again.  ^_^

Obviously when I started my take on her I leaned more towards the VA-VA-VA-VOOM side of things (let's face it, Tim Burton and co. crafted one curvy ghoul in the first place).  I stuck with my own way of drawing faces when sketching this out so I wouldn't be tempted to crib so much off of the screencaps I was referencing.  I embellished her hair quite a bit and dumbed down some other things like her dress.  In retrospect I probably should've gone with more of a softer coloring style.  To even out the harsh shading I threw some dirt and blur effects into the foreground to take the edge off a bit.

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