2011.02.21 (updated 2013.07.09)

If you know who this is right off the bat, then pat yourself on the back my overly-eager '80s friend.  XD

I picked up a vintage GoBots "Crasher" figure the other day, and being the token badass crazy evil chick she was, I thought some fanart was in order.  Why oh why do I keep drawing art of characters with a lot of black on them?  ^_^;

I had some windows open with cartoon refs up, but I mainly drew this with the toy in front of me (hence all of the decals and such on her compared to the animation model).  There was a Transformers Mirage figure repainted into a Crasher homage a few years ago, so I loosely based her propotions on that while still trying to keep a lot of the lines and such from the original intact.

I posted this to the Fan Art forums on the TFW2005 Boards and a bunch of suggestions came in that I add Crasher's crazy pupils.  I did just that and have to admit that the piece is better for it.  ^_^

***   ***  Update Notes  ***   ***

When the dudes at TFcon announced Marilyn Lightstone, Crasher's Voice Actress, as a guest I decided to revisit this piece so I could have a print for her at the convention.  The lineart was still sound so i just updated the colors and shading and VOILA!  :D

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