Cruella De Vil


I started the day wanting to draw a Disney Princess, but my buddy Dan suggested Cruella De Vil.  I was all like "I would, but I'd probably draw her hot..." and Dan was all like "HELLS YEAH!"  So here it is.  XD

I gave her longer hair and more rounded-out features to make this look like a "prequel" Cruella.  I went through about a dozen hairstyles before settling on this.  As you can see in the pencils I started with something more like the animation model, but it really wasn't looking right in my style.  I thought a fluffier do would work better with the longer hair and make her look younger.  Coming up with the right skin tone was a bit tough.  I wanted to give her a youthful tone but still have a hint of that sickly, evil tint that she had in the flick.

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