Daisy Duke


I know, pretty friggin' random huh?  XD

I was procrastinating today from drawing more Optimus Prima comic pages so I asked a buddy to tell me what to draw, and for some reason Daisy Duke was his response.

Oh no.  Pull my arm.

I was more of an A-Team, MacGyver and Knight Rider kind of kid and never really watched much Dukes of Hazzard.  But I know who Daisy is.  Hell, EVERYBODY knows Daisy.  Because I don't really know the show, I didn't mind taking a lot of liberties with my version of Daisy Duke.  Outfit is generally the same, but I ditched the plaid top because I'm awesome/lazy like that.  I think she usually wears sandals or something, but I thought cowgirl boots would look more awesome here.  And I totally pulled her hair and eye color out of my butt, though I did keep her a brunette.  Relatively.  ^_^;

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