Princess Daphne


Believe it of not, I'm not a Don Bluth fan.  Even more surprising is the fact that this is the result of a conversation with another Bluth non-fan.  I think we were bitching and moaning about his movies and that the only good stuff he's done were Space Ace and Dragon's Lair.  So, of course, my choices were Daphne and Kimberly.  Kimberly's being saved for a bigger project, so Daphne it was.

Daphne was tough here because...well... I'm not really sure why.  I do know that the sketch you see here is the third attempt at drawing her.   I dialed this pic more towards the naughty side in the inks because of her pose.  I kept trying to keep her modest by playing with the angle of the outfit and her hand, but was feeling really lazy at the same time so I didn't want to do any drastic changes.  So I decided "Fuck it, there's no way she's staying covered up at this rate" and decided to give you fanboys what you want.

Besides, anybody who claims that they like Princess Daphne because they dig her character and personality is just full of dung.  XD

Honestly I had to sleep on this one regarding whether I wanted to post it or not.  It turned out okay I guess.  I dunno, something is just "off" about it.  But in the end I thought "hell, people just come here for boobs anyways."  ^_^

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