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We threw my buddy Mary a surprise birthday party and the theme was Jurassic Park.  Her favorite dinosaur of all time is the dilophosaurus so I decided to make dilophosaurus party hats.  Originally I was just gonna draw a dilophosaurus pic and glue it on some hats but then I had the stupid idea of making them 3-D.  I say "stupid" because I almost gave myself carpel tunnel cutting and assembling these.  XD  I when drawing these I just drew one side of the head and one half of the frill and doubled them up after the inks and colors.  This not only saved time but made sure everything would line up once I started putting these together.

I've included an unassembled sheet in case you'd like to make your own party hats, or anything else that might require a dilophosaurus head.  It's pretty simple, just cut the frill and the head out along the bold out lines.  With the head fold it where the two mouths meet and then fold the tabs out.  Cut slits along the two black lines in the frill and then stick the head tabs through and VOILA!  Dilophosaurus head!  I bought a bunch of Jurassic World party hats from Party City to use as a base and went from there.  Just a tip, if you're assembling these as party hats I'd suggest attaching the frill to the hat first (I used a stapler) and then tab the head to the hat.  ^_~


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