Dinah Lance


I started this after Dragon*Con 2010 where my friend Molly dressed as Black Canary.  I based the jacket here loosely on the one she wore with the costume.

Like a Zatanna piece I did before this, I opted for hand-drawn fishnets as opposed to a digital pattern so I'd have more control over them.  I suppose that wouldn't be a problem if I were more Photoshop-savvy, but I'm not.  XD

I tried a more care-free look for her hair, drawing out each individual segment instead of sketching the hair out as an entire mass.  I think it gives it a more softer, organic look.  Everthing was fine after the colors except for her face.  Something was off, and I realized that I hadn't drawn the foreshortening on her lips to match the rest of her face (you can see the problem in the inks).  thanks to the little digital editing I did know, I went in and fixed them up.  ^_^

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