The Black Canary


I don't read a lot of Bat titles, but I really like to draw Black Canary.  She's a cool character with a simple but sexy look.  Bouncy hair, fishnets and kung fu.  Can't really go wrong with that.  I sketch a lot of Dinah stuff but most of it doesn't get past that point because of the dreaded black colors.  ^_^;

I threw this one together because the Black Canary bug bit me again and I wanted to draw something action-oriented this time around.  I played around with some kicking poses but then thought a Canary Cry thing would be fun.  After trying out a few different angles and perspectives I thought a profile idea looked pretty cool.

After I finished the inks on Dinah she sat on my desk for a while before I finished her up.  Partly because I've been going through an art slump and didn't feel like this was turning out all that great, and also because coloring black leather scares the hell out of me.  XD  I came back it after a week or so and realized the lineart didn't look so bad so I threw colors on her.  I went with an almost grayscale color scheme for her outfit to bring out her warm skin and hair tones.  I used a bold gradient background to help her pop out even more.  :D 

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