Disney's Elphaba


I think I was in the middle of an Enchanted craze when drawing this, y'know Idina Menzel AND Stephen Schwartz after all.  ^_~  I was thinking of drawing this again but when I dug up the old pic I saw that it held up pretty damn well.  I also noticed that I hadn't moved her over to my website so I dusted it off and got her ready for upload.  Though other than a few tweaks to the blacks I didn't even have to update the colors much.  :O

I was going for a really simple cel-animated style so a lot of details were thrown out.  I didn't even shade this any in the colors.  The face and pose turned out almost perfect so I really didn't need to worry about any of that.  I especially like how her eyebrows turned out for whatever reason.  XD

I wanted to do the whole Wicked cast as Disney animated characters but Elphie's the only one who turned out okay so I kinda stopped with her.  ^_^;

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