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I actually did these pics back in 2008, but with all the hubbub about the new GI Joe movie I thought I'd brush them off and post them here after I realized that I didn't have them on the site yet.  I didn't touch these up all that much, just a few color tweaks here and there.  They held up surprisingly well.  ^_^

I started with the Baroness (obviously) but my favorites have to be a tie between Cobra Commander and Destro.  Cobra Commander just lent himself really well to the creepy, skinny frame.  I personally like the helmet look better on him but I thought if he's a Disney villain you need to see his eyes.  Animators love to emote using eyes so I went with the hooded look here.  Destro was just plain fun.  He's always been one of my favorites and I honestly always imagined him being really huge.  Y'know, toting around guns a lot being a black market arms dealer and all.  XD

The Troopers were a blast too.  I thought they could be the bumbling comic relief, though Cobra Commander would probably fill that need all by his lonesome.

I have Disney Joes too, but I'm not posting them because I was never really happy with how they turned out, though I have an idea that might give me a chance to redeem myself.  As for this piece, it was a lot of fun and I'm thinking of revisiting this as well.  After putting them in a lineup I realized that I made the grave mistake of not drawing a Storm Shadow.  Zartan, Firefly and the Crimson Twins would be fun too.  Keep your eyes peeled on this entry, you never know when something might get updated... ^_~

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