Disney Idinas


Mary was all "You should draw Elsa with Nancy so they can be Disney Idinas together!"

And I was all like "WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT???"  XD

(Idina Menzel played both Nancy in Enchanted and Elsa in Frozen, just FYI ^_~).

Animated fairy tale Nancy was cool but tough to draw since the animators showed some crazy street cred in making her look like Idina.  That and I kinda wish we saw her in more than just the wedding dress.  Coloring white is still one of my nemeses.  :O :O :O

It took a while to figure out what pose I wanted to draw them in.  I got lazy and was all "SCREW IT I'LL JUST DRAW THEM SINGING.  HERE I'LL DRAW MICROPHONES SO YOU KNOW THEY'RE SINGING."  XD XD XD

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